What We Do
What We Do
  • Commercial Real Estate Investment
  • Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Negotiation and Restructuring
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Tax-Deferred Exchanges
  • Residential Sales and Leasing
  • Complete Discretion
  • Advice you can TRUST
“Before we say anything, we ask the right questions of our clients to ensure we’re offering the best advice.” – Barry Burnett

Square2At Barry Burnett Trusted Advisors, we work alongside your other Trusted Advisors, such as your attorney and CPA, to guide you in building wealth and the life and legacy you desire. We offer real estate investment analysis and individualized, personal service to help you achieve your goals.

We analyze your holdings, lease structure, loans, lenders, prepayment penalties, cost of operation, the anticipation of tenant continuity, the potential for restructuring, and all the other salient points necessary to guide you and your decision matrix in making informed decisions about your Real Estate Portfolio.

And once you’ve made decisions about your Commercial Real Estate Investment or Real Estate Portfolio, we stand beside you, helping you take action to improve your positions.

We analyze your properties to see how to unlock added value while improving your lifestyle. That means increasing your Revenue, cutting your Costs, and freeing you from day-to-day responsibilities through careful delegation so that you can enjoy the life you desire. Some of the factors we weigh in assessing your Commercial Real Estate Investment or Residential Property include:

  • Changing the terms of your Loan
  • Changing the terms of the Lease
  • Reducing the expenses of the Investment
  • Improving Internal Management…
    …while freeing you from onerous day-to-day Maintenance, Management & Operation.
We do this under the assurance of complete discretion. Your business is your business alone; you’ll never hear an outside word about it that came from our lips. Ready to earn more while stressing less? Call us 818-842-2611
Call: 818-842-2611

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"Barry, thank you for the information. I know I can always count on you for the correct answers."

Marcia Amoroso, President, Escrows, Inc.