To Thine Own Self Be True
July 3, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett


This famous Shakespeare quote perfectly describes how many people like you view their investment portfolio and ownership strategy.

I have observed over my 40 years of service as a Broker, and within my own investments, that investors often accumulate the types of properties that make them feel good. Most Entrepreneurial Owners acquire properties that they can control and that are within their own “wheel house”. Apartment owners don’t frequently buy shopping centers or office complexes. Most office complex owners don’t tend to stray into apartments or land banking for farming or ranching lands.

Take the Southern California real estate investment market. Picture for yourself who owns the retail, manufacturing, parking lots, commercial centers, and apartment complexes. Yes, your mind goes to institutions like banks and insurance companies. But most of the mid-sized properties are owned by Entrepreneurs like you and me. And those portfolios tend to reflect our individual personalities.

If you have accumulated real estate, from one property to hundreds, your focus must be honed, tuned, and maintained to fulfill your financial goals, whether those goals include cash flow, pride of ownership, or putting your kids through college. And if you’ve hit a “Sticking Point”, where either your growth or comfort are impacted or likely to increase your future discomfort, it may actually be time to discuss the “NEXT LEVEL”, opening yourself to the Next TRUE TO YOURSELF position, since things are constantly changing in vital, dynamic lives like yours!

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