Put some Windex on it!
August 4, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett


In the great movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the dad kept on saying, “Put some Windex on it!” For any ailment large or small, Windex was the answer. In real life, cleaning is a chore most people don’t want to do. Guys especially don’t see the value of keeping it all tidy. After all, what does it matter if the property is clean? My wife just likes it that way so she can show off to her friends.

There are plenty of real reasons to take out the Windex (but please don’t mix it with ammonia)—to protect the value of your property. Keeping a property clean is more than taking the dust off the desks, important as that is. A clean property keeps you safe from lawsuits and health risks.

Think about those broken mats in front of your business. They can cause someone to trip and fall. Light bulbs that go out can cause people to roam around in the dark, which create untold hazards. Not maintaining your property opens you up to lawsuits from people your act of negligence hurt.

Consider broken doors and door handles. Do you like your property being broken into? These are issues that need to be watched to protect your investment.

Mold and bacteria are other hazards proper maintenance can help keep at bay. Like the dust on the desk, they are health concerns that can expose people to health problems and you to a lawsuit.

If you can’t do it yourself, hire someone trustworthy who can. Then you’ll have a 2nd set of eyes to watch your property, keep it clean, and protect your investment.

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