Real Estate 101 is Live!!! (Part 2)
May 12, 2015, posted by ciadmin

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Real Estate 101 is Live!!
May 12, 2015, posted by Barry Burnett

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Guest Commentary: Charity Starts at Home
February 27, 2015, posted by ciadmin

Many times people wonder how they can give to their fellow man without getting “eaten out of house and home” as the saying goes. The good news is there are numerous ways where, unlike most other charitable gifts, you do not have to write a big check or give up the benefit of using current […]

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part
October 28, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett

  It’s human nature to seek out the next best thing. Often we hear stories of people like Thomas Edison, who tried and tried, never gave up, and finally gave us the light bulb. This narrative is so ingrained in our consciousness that we often wait too long for the right opportunity and end up […]

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Designing Your Future
October 7, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett

  “If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”   This is one of my favorite sayings, and it definitely applies to your Real Estate goals. If you go in head first without a plan, can you make a success of it? Maybe. But it isn’t likely! More times than not Investors end […]

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Darned-If You Do, Darned-If You Don't
September 24, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett

  Many investors have painted themselves into a tough corner called a “Darned-If!”—“Darned-If-I-Do, Darned-If-I-Don’t”. You work, slave, plan, and sacrifice to buy Real Estate because it is your financial future. You own good, solid performing properties that make you enough to live on. And yet… Your property makes money but requires you to sacrifice much […]

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"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."
September 2, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett

  So, how are you dealing with your choices today? Are you surrounding yourself with defeated, Debbie Downer people? Or are you seeking out the company of wise and caring individuals who can share from a history of good choices (and who have learned from their own past bad ones!) to lift you up? I […]

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Guest Commentary: Permit Me, Permit Me Not
August 19, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett

  By Ernest Dellinger Having purchased and sold real estate property for over 40 years, managed rental property for nearly 30, and being a former building inspector myself, I’d like to share with you some tips to make your Real Estate Investment portfolio better. Specifically, investors need to better understand the Building Permit process and […]

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Put some Windex on it!
August 4, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett

  In the great movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the dad kept on saying, “Put some Windex on it!” For any ailment large or small, Windex was the answer. In real life, cleaning is a chore most people don’t want to do. Guys especially don’t see the value of keeping it all tidy. After […]

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To Thine Own Self Be True
July 3, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett

  This famous Shakespeare quote perfectly describes how many people like you view their investment portfolio and ownership strategy. I have observed over my 40 years of service as a Broker, and within my own investments, that investors often accumulate the types of properties that make them feel good. Most Entrepreneurial Owners acquire properties that […]

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